My Design Ethos

I believe that access to technology is a human right. People deserve products that are valuable, intuitive, and supportive. Accessibility and usability are essential - and they should not be considered charity work or an after-thought, but rather a critical aspect of technology.

In the design process, I value a balance of creative experimentation and focused efficiency. I draw inspiration from many years of mixed media painting and collage and my time as an Industrial Design student. I believe in the power of working with integrated teams and have deep respect for my colleagues in the agile development process.

The following principles have been highly influential to me: Allied Media's Design Justice Principles, Sins Invalid's Disability Justice Principles, and Jakob Nielsen's Usability Heuristics.

Let's Get in Touch

Reach out to me for speaking engagements and 1:1 mentorship*. Currently not available for freelance.

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* 1:1 Mentorship is available to designers who are LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual trans queer) and/or POC (people of color)