Invisible 2 Invincible (i2i)

Design work for a community-based organization that centers LGBTQ+ Asians and Pacific Islanders in the Chicago Area.
Screenshot of i2i website with logo design at the top
Screenshot of the i2i website, with 3 versions of the logo (just black, full color black and red, and just white) above.

i2i Logo and Web Design

i2i has been doing meaningful community work for many years - so many that in 2019, their logo and website were due for a refresh. I created a new logo and worked with the core team to refine content for their new website.

Asian and Pacific Islander cultures are extremely diverse and expansive. For many of us in diaspora, our relationship with our queerness and heritage is complex. The main challenge for my design work was to create a logo that resonated with the diaspora community in the Midwest while not feeling too specific to a single culture.

I facilitated a branding exercise with the core team to arrive at 5 key brand attributes: fearless, cute, community, resilient, radical.

The final logo is bold and expressive. It resembles a speech bubble or even a bat signal, and represents how our community refuses to be silenced. The handwritten lettering of "i2i" is a fun, human touch and alludes to the human connection we value.

The i2i website was built on Wordpress.

Visit i2i Website
i2i logo
The i2i logo. The white, handwritten letters "i2i" stand out against a black upside-down tear-drop shape. The black shape has a bright red drop shadow. Beneath are the words, "Invisible 2 Invincible."
i2i logo design process
A graphic representation of the logo design process, starting with 3 hand sketches on the left, evolving into a set of 4 options in the middle (each with 5 different color options). The final stages on the right show different options for the red drop shadow.


hand sketches for logo design
A page full of hand sketches of logo explorations.

I've made many meaningful connections and learned many things from this community. It was an honor to be able contribute my part. Some learnings I made along the way:

  • Websites are 20% design, 80% content.
  • When in doubt, just keep sketching.
  • Don't try to work through a pandemic-induced depression. Deadlines can always be moved.